AFROFITNESS with BANTU dancers Saturday 13.00-14:30 AFROfitness is a fitness program that combines traditional African dance moves of intensity and duration, with contemporary dance moves. It is aimed at improving our health,because the heart develops flexibility and endurance, and of course the tunes from African music creates a very lively […]


Hip Hop Freestyle with Chocolate Muffin Friday 18.00-19.30 Τo get started in hip hop all you need is good mood, good vibez and thirst for new things. Dance is for everyone, no matter where you are, what gender you are and how old you are. It’s for everyone! Chocolate Muffin […]

Hip Hop Freestyle with Chocolate Muffin

MEDİTATİF YOGA İLE BEDEN ZİHİN DENGELEME Klinik Psikolog-Yoga Eğitmeni Sinem Gül Şahin Her Çarşamba 18.45-19.45 Ücretsiz ilk ders 09 Ekim Çarsamba 18.30 Yer: Anasa Kültür Merkezi Sfaktirias 24 & Plataion, Kerameikos Bilgi ve kayıt: sinem.g.sahin@gmail.com & info@anasa.org.gr Meditatif yoga, tridoşa dengeleme serisi vasıtasıyla bedenimizi ve zihnimizi rahatlatan bir yoga türüdür. […]

MEDITATIVE YOGA with Sinem Gül Şahin