Anasa Cultural Center at Athens Rhythm Hop 2022

ΑΤΗΕΝS RHYTHM HOP 2022  at Serafeio

Athens Rhythm Hop was organised for the first time on March 2015 by Vassia Panagiotou & Avgoustions Tran. The event was a long due project and a dream come true for the organisers who wanted to introduce their local scene to the international lindy hop community and bring some of the best instructors and musicians of the Swing Dance scene to their city.

Friday 6 May 13:00-14:00 “African Voicing” Michael Afolayan

Introducing traditional African rhythms through the medium of polyphony / How the voice controls the body

Michael Afolayan is a musician, actor, performer and animator. Based in Athens, he is the manager of the cultural center of African art Anasa Cultural Center where he teaches polyrhythms of West Africa (Djembe) using voice and body as a starting point. He has studied classical percussion and collaborated with several directors and theatrical actors. His parallel path in the art of storytelling and also hip-hop, makes him quite experienced in rhythmic recitation and narration.
Michael will be teaching Theme classes on ARH22!

Saturday 7 May 19:00-20:00 “AFROfitness with Bantu Dancers”

A class that combines traditional African dance moves of intensity and duration, with contemporary dance.

BANTU dancers (Anasa Cultural Center) will be teaching theme classes on ARH22! Bantu Dancers (Grace Nwoke and Jessica Anosike) were born and raised in Greece with origins from Africa. For over 6 years, in collaboration with the Anasa Cultural Center of African Art and Cultures, they have been researching on West African dances, learning about dance traditions from all over West Africa and incorporating all that with the everyday life and experiences they face living as part of the African community in Greece. The group combines modern African movements with traditional movements, dancing to contemporary but also traditional rhythms with live drumming.

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