Afroots Workshop

Afroots Workshop at Anasa Cultural Center
with Mirko Rossetti & Flavia Fargnoli

Saturday 28/9:
17.00-19.00: AfroDance
19.00-21.00: Dundun Dance
Sunday 29/9:
11.00-13.00: AfroDance
13.00-15.00: Dundun Dance

Flavia Fargnoli’s African dance classes have as a primary purpose to live two experiences: first a deep study and second an artistic-aesthetic one.
Beyond the West-African dance steps, technique and choreographic composition, she focuses on self-confidence and expression in dance. The classes take students on a external journey between tradition and innovation through dance and its emotional internal path.
All workshops consist of 3 elements:
a warm up composed by differents dance routine techniques,
steps technique execution in music and
ballet style choreography, always accompanied by Afroots’s musical creation.
The workshop aims to create a dialogue in the dance.
Work in groups and between dancers and musicians, turning the class into a real crew is a given!

Mirko Rossetti
Born in Rome in 1982, Mirko Rossetti discovers Djembe during his teen-age years when he was already a singer and didjeridoo player.
In 2006 he meets his first teacher Elhadji Mbaye, Dundunfola of “Tamburi di Goreé”.

After a few years of a very intensive study, he starts with him a collaboration for classes of djembe and several shows in Rome and Italy. A collaboration that is still ongoing to these days.
In 2010 Mirko graduates in Sound Engineer and Music and Midi Technology at Saint Louis Music School of Rome, allowing him to collaborate with important Italian musicians like Vinicio Capossela and Gino Paoli and work in the production of a Warner
Bros soundtrack’s movie.

He performs also as a percussionist in Leonardo Petrillo’s “Semi d’Acciao” at “Teatro Golden” in Rome.
In 2011 He moves to study for two months in Senegal with the spiritual master, Karamoko Cissoko.

In the same year he starts teaching African traditions in several music school of Rome. Amongst those, the school “Centopercento Musica”.
In 2012 he goes back to Saint Louis Music School where the teacher Giovanni Imparato initiates him to the Afrocuban tradition.
In 2014 he meets Jean Louis Degree Gnonka to discover the Ivory Coast Tradition and continues untill today.
In 2015 and 2016 Mirko participates at the Harouna Dembele’s Professional Formation in Bobo Dioulasso, thus having the opportunity to play in several traditional ceremonies as djembe accompanist and Djembe solo.
Afterwards, he went back to Goreé Island in Senegal to perform with “Africa Djembe” at “Maison des Esclaves” as solo djembe player.
In 2017 he founds “Afroots”, a project that unites African Arts and music, to promote multiculturalism.

Up to today Afroots use to perform in many prestigious clubs of Rome like Voodoo Bar, Sanctuary Eco Retreat and Singita. In 2019 Afroots became also a fashion brand connecting Africa to Italy.

Flavia Fargnoli
Born in Latina, Italy, Flavia Fargnoli is an artist, dancer and choreographer of afro-dance and co-founder of “Afroots”, a project which unite/melt*** music, dance and fashion creating a bridge between Italy and Africa.
Flavia started studying classic dance and gymnastics at the age of four till her teenage years. At 19 years old, parallel to her academic studies in philosophy, she starts attending contemporary dance classes at the Sport Centre of the University
“La Sapienza” of Rome.
During those years she studies also afro-cuban dance with the best Rome based Cuban teachers like Mario Quintin, Arelys Savon, and workshops with Michael Fons, Rolly Maden, Dayami Couret.
Following this path she becomes a part of the Amphitheatre of Latina where she teaches for three years. In order to discover the roots of Cuban dance she dedicates herself to the study of West African Dance, through classes and workshops with Senegalese artists like Mohamed Dabo, Maimouna Bangoura, Sourakhata Diabate, Yelly thioune, Alain Frank Nahi and many others, this improves her knowledge of Sabar to Mandengue dance to the style of the Ivory coast.
Her personal style will be strongly influenced by Nadouba Oulare first, with whom Flavia will perform at the theatre “Lo Spazio” in Rome and Aminata Toure from the company Afrika Afrika with who she will perform at the meeting “Mama Africa” heldin Rome in 2011 as well as at the club “Blackfish”.
From this year Flavia starts teaching African dance in Rome and helding workshops in Pescara and Venice, meanwhile deepening her own personal research in this field, studying with different artists in Belgium, France, Spain and Sweden.
She works as dancer and chorister for the artist Badara Seck following her tournée in the South of Italy. Moreover, she is author and dancer for the show “Africa Insieme” at the Theatre D’Annunzio, Latina, she dances for the XIII Edition of “Festa D’africa” at Auditorium Palladium in Rome, at the New York School of Florence; she collaborates with the group Ndyaye Music and supports different cultural events with refugees.
Till today she dances and acts in the show “Le favole del Maghreb” for the event “Estate Romana”. Flavia has worked in 2019 as guest teacher in Malaga, Spain and has been working regularly in the past Three years as a performer in important clubs of Rome, like Voodoo bar and The Sanctuary eco Retreat.
Her preparation spatiates further into the world of fitness. She is 1st level personal trainer, national Twerkdance instructor and she teaches 1st level pole dance classes at the Kledi Dance School in Rome. Nowadays Flavia is working on bringing
her project Afroots, together with the co-founder Mirko Rossetti, through more diverse cities and realities. The project will be present this year at the Afrofashionweek of Milan 2019, melting fashion and live performances with special guest artists in order
to create and propose a show whose focus is to implement multiculturalism.

Pricing :
1 class [2 hours] : 25€
2 classas [4 hours]: 40€
If you want to do more than 2 classes you can combine the above offers.

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We look forward to seeing you!

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